Cold Pressed Juices
Cold press is a unique style of juicing, where the core nutrients of the fruits and vegetables are retained in the juice.
Using pressure, the juicer slowly squeezes the juice out of the vegetables and fruits retaining all the enzymes and vitamins in the juice.
The vitamins and nutrients are retained in the juice making it healthier for you! No heat is used in the process, making it nutrition rich.
Our Process From Scratch!
  • We purchase the best of vegetables and fruits from the market
  • They are cleaned thoroughly and washed in RO filtered water
  • The fresh fruits and vegetables are shredded into a pulp with a steel rotating disc
  • This pulp is then loaded into a large hopper feeding tube which then proceeds to a filter bag
  • The content from the filter bag is then treated to an extreme pressure between two steel plates. This is also called as the hydraulic press process where the juice is slowly extracted from the fruits and vegetables thus not robbing them of the most vital nutrients
  • The pressure causes the nutrient intact juice from the produce to drip into a collection tray below which is then packed into the EDGE bottles and delivered to you fresh!

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