• How do I place an order and when do I pay ? 
    You can book your plan on our website OR Call/Whatsapp on the numbers provided in the contact details mentioned on this website.
    Payment is 100% advance.
    Payment modes : Cheque/Online Payment/Paytm.
  • When will the juices be delivered to my doorstep ?
    We send our juices out for delivery primarily in the morning between 6-10am. Though we try our best to deliver you the juices within your specified time slots, we may not be able to guarantee the delivery time owing to external factors.
  • How do I pause my existing subscription plan in case I have to be out of town ?
    You can drop us a quick mail or WhatsApp regarding the dates when you won’t be in town. We will handle the rest.Please make sure you do so 2 working days prior to pause dates for us to make arrangements from our side to alter the deliveries, else the delivery will be considered as committed.
  • How do I know if the juices have gone bad?
    We take measures to ensure that our juices are stored in ideal conditions before being delivered to You. After the juices are delivered, there might be a case where in the juices are left unattended for some time in non-refrigerated conditions, in which case the juices are in the primary stage of getting spoilt. If a sealed bottle is puffed up there is a chance that the juice might have gone bad. If the juice tastes acidic or has a fizzy taste to it, there is a high possibility of it being spoilt. To ensure that the juices don’t get spoiled, always make sure that the juices are continuously refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours from the delivery time. 
  • Why is the shelf life only 36-48 hours?
    Our Cold pressed juices are not heat treated, do not have any preservatives and we do not increase the shelf life artificially using HPP. Moreover, we believe that the juices start losing its nutrition and taste after 48 hours. We highly recommend our customers to consume the juices the day that the juices are delivered.