• What are Cold Pressed Juices?

Cold-Press is a SUPERIOR style of juicing that allows the core nutrients to stay with the juice. Using tons of pressure, the juicer slowly squeezes the juice from the vegetable or fruit allowing the most important enzymes and vitamins to stay with it. Least amount of heat/air is involved in the cold-pressing process, which retains far more nutrition and live enzymes are kept intact.

In traditional methods such as centrifugal juicing (destructive juicing) or blending, heat from the blade essentially ‘cooks’ the juice, killing almost all of its nutrients as well as oxidizing the juice rapidly.

This is exactly what makes cold pressing a much better option.

  • How different are CPJs from the packaged juices?

Packaged juices might be tempting for the kind of juice they offer for a lower price. The reason being they are diluted juices which contain less than 50% juice. Some juices might have a label saying they are 100% juice, but in reality, they are diluted with low cost juice alternatives which makes the end product cheaper. Moreover, these juices contain added sugar, are heat treated ( for a prolonged shelf life ), contain preservatives, chemicals, additives as well artificial flavouring and colouring.

Cold Pressed juices on the other hand contain 100% natural juice extracted from fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they contain no added sugar, preservatives, or any kind of chemicals or artificial flavouring which makes these juices an All-natural alternative to the other packaged fruit juices.

  • How are CPJs beneficial for me?

EDGE brings to you juice combinations you’ve never heard of before. These are tried and tested combinations to provide you with juices which are not only highly nutritious, but also have a pleasant taste that will keep you wanting for more!

Our juices can be treated as a healthy alternative to the sugar laden juices OR act as a meal replacement to help you manage those increasing calories in your daily consumption.

It doesn’t matter if you are a health enthusiast who is looking for a healthy treat every day, or a regular person who just wants to incorporate a healthy option in their diet, we have got it covered for everyone.

  • Why are these juices on the expensive side?

Our juices are extracted from the best quality produce sourced locally. Since no dilution is involved, one bottle contains nutritionally dense juice extracted from fruits and vegetables. These juices are 100% natural with nothing added to it to enhance its taste, appearance or shelf life.

  • I’m a diabetic/have a medical condition, Is it okay if I consume these juices ?

Our juices don’t have any extra processed/unprocessed sugar added to them, though they do contain naturally occurring fructose. Since fructose is also a sugar, we highly recommend that you consult your physician before deciding to consume our juices.

  • Why EDGE?

We at EDGE believe that a healthy body starts from a healthy mind and wise choices. We procure fresh produce sourced locally and thus YOU play an important role helping the local farmers. Unlike our competitors, we have priced our products at a much more affordable rate while providing more juice at the same time. EDGE believes in the overall well-being of our valued customers while being careful, hygienic and environment friendly in our practices.