• What are Juice cleanses/detox packs and should I try a detox?
Juice cleanses or Detox helps you detoxify your body by being on a juice diet ( or a liquid diet ) for a period of 1-3 days. Your body is abstained from consuming anything heavy to be processed by your digestive system. You are expected to follow certain guidelines to make sure your body doesn’t undergo unpleasant side effects. The guidelines, DOs and DONTs will be provided to you once you book a Cleanse Pack.
  • Will I lose weight while on a detox?
During a juice cleanse , your body is in a caloric deficit state, meaning you will consume less calories than the daily maintenance calorie requirement. EDGE’s cleanse pack for a day contains less than 1200 cal. The daily maintenance calorie requirement for the average maleis ~2500 cal per day, while for the average female, it is ~2000 calories per day. In conclusion, yes, a person will burn the energy stored in the body to make up for the deficiency in calories provided during the cleanse. Moreover, one may also lose a few grams in the form of water weight which will be regained once you resume with a normal diet.
  • How many days is it recommended to go for a detox?
If you are new to a detox diet, we recommend you to start with a 1 day cleanse where in you consume our juices and eat minimal amount of food recommended by us. Gradually, you can increase the time period for which you under take a liquid diet.
  • Can I customize my detox plan ?
Of course you can! Drop us a mail regarding your requirements and we will call you back regarding the same.
  • What are the side effects of a Juice Cleanse?
First timers may experience fatigue, upset stomach ( diarrhea/constipation ) due to sudden change in your dietary composition. It is highly recommended that you follow the guidelines as mentioned by us.
  • What if I am a diabetic or have a medical condition?
We recommend you consult your physician before undertaking a detox.
  • What are the pre and post requisites of a detox?
Pre-Detox : Abstain from consuming the following for a couple of days before the first cleanse day : Meat, high fat food, cigarettes, alcohol.
During the Detox : For someone who is undertaking a cleanse for the first time, we recommend you to NOT cut down on solid food completely. Have low carb, fat-free food throughout the day in small portions. Nuts and fresh fruits can also be consumed to make sure your body gets some amount of fibers.
DO’s : Drink lots of water, consume fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts.
DON’T’s : Avoid consuming dairy products, caffeine whilst on a detox. Avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
Post Detox :Post detox, you are expected to feel fresh and have reduced food cravings. This depends on whether you are a beginner or been doing frequent Cleanse diets.