About Us

With a unique aim of ‘Beyond Nutrition’ , EDGE is the first product launched by Pune Freshery Co. EDGE juices are organic, cold pressed and made fresh everyday only to be delivered at your doorstep.
With a sincere aim to help people live clean, EDGE cold pressed juices are a healthy and nutritious substitute to the heavily processed juices manufactured by big conglomerates. They are 100% raw and the cold pressed technology helps retain all the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables. In our everyday lives which are fast and everyone is running on short timelines and closing deadlines, eating fresh and healthy is not always a viable option. Hence, EDGE juices come to the rescue. Whether you are looking for a daily supplement or a seasonal reboot, we have got you covered with our unique range of all natural juices!
Our juices have shown positive results of more energy, glowing skin, sharper thinking and an inner radiance that reflects in your overall personality.
Keeping in mind that giving back to the community that we operate in is crucial, Pune Freshery Co. engages with the local farmers to buy seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables from them.
So say yes to a juicier, healthier and a happier life and be a part of the Pune Freshery Co. family!